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Everything you never wanted to know about the Condescending Biker? Well, not everything, but I will reveal as much as I want to, over time, and don't forget you are welcome to ask me ANYTHING but it does not mean I'll answer if I don't choose to.

I have always been a jokester and have found insult type jokes to be the funniest. I like seeing how far I can go with it. How much is too much? Is it my problem if someone can't take a joke and gets all "offended"? Nope and frankly my dear, I really don't give a damn!

This is how I see it:
  • Life is way too short to be offended.
  • Life is too short to spend it looking for ways to be offended and looking for things to whine about.
  • I see people that seem to live for being offended today. I see it on on every social media platform, I see it on every tv channel, even on tv shows that are SUPPOSED to be entertaining but have to show everyone they are "politically correct" so they bring their offenses in to every single thing and frankly as far as I am concerned, I'm sick of it. So, I vote with my money and my time. I'm not going to watch the award shows any more and haven't for probably at least 12-13 years. I used to love them but every single Hollywood whackjob has decided that we have to CARE about what they think and that because they are famous we should follow in their footsteps, to that I say HELL TO THE NO!
  • I have been on this earth way too long to be told what to do by anyone, so this store is my way of getting my two cents out there, whether anyone wants to hear it or not or wants to be offended or not, again, I don't care.
  • Now for a bit about me, on the business side of things.
  • I have been selling biker leather and helmets online since April of 2003. I have several online biker shops and those are all "normal" but AWESOME! This one is an experiment to see if people notice the insults (jokes) here and there and can take it, or if they go running for the hills and go to the other stores that will kiss their asses and tell them everything they want to hear lol. If so, go for it. However, if you stick around here, maybe you will find a joke that makes a bad day a little bit better. Maybe you will have to groan at something really corny I might say. Maybe I will get some comments or emails or texts that tell me what an idiot I am, again, since I'm not a woke crybaby, I won't be offended. The ONLY thing that COULD offend me if I chose to let it, is you calling me WOKE or some other politically correct and unacceptable way to be lol.
  • So, I hope you will give my newest store a chance. I will try my best to give great customer service along with some jokes that good folks like you won't be offended by, or maybe you will? lol
  • If you have read this far, my goodness, thank you and by the way, don't you have a life? :)
The Condescending Biker
The Condescending Biker


Big Larry

Date 6/22/2022

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